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Easel Theme – Buddypress Integration into WordPress Alignment problem

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    I have a problem using the theme “easel” in wordpress when trying to add buddypress. My Header and sidebars are okay, but my main post/content area between the side bars is not aligned properly in the pages that buddypress adds. In the “Activity Profile Messages Friends Groups Settings” that is shown at the top of all buddypress pages, my alignment causes the”Settings” part to be cutoff halfway by my right side bar. Is there a way to correct this? If so, can anyone please explain the solution as in detail as possible and include any code required as I am an amateur with html and ftp and am trying to correct my site’s problem by researching others. Any answers would help a lot. Thank you.

    Header and Sidebar issues were addressed here:

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    @ed161718 I will address your question at the link you posted above so we have one forum topic about easel woes.

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