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Editing BuddyPress-generated URLs for improved SEO

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  • BuddyPress needs groups and forum in the URL so as to understand the URL properly. You can’t remove them, but you could rename them.

    Aditya Singh


    @DJPaul where to rename them???
    also i have few more questions….could you please check them here….
    any help will be appreciated….


    Thanks @dennis_h for the link; also, there’s for a few more options.



    @DJPaul Hi Paul, i hope all is going great. My acitvity feed is set as my home page and I noticed under my google webmaster tools that “Avatar” is now the keyword google sees the most. Is there any harm in changing the Alt tags in the urls to = something seo friendly instead of alt = “avatar image”? Please let me know. Thanks,

    Shouldn’t cause any harm, other than editing core. I’ll look into submitting a patch that improves the alt tags if they need to.

    There are no alt tags in urls and ‘alt’ is not a tag it is an attribute of an element ;)

    What would you consider Google should be picking up on as keywords for this page?

    Should it be avatar images? Is Google picking up this word due to it occurring most frequently?

    As things stand alt=”avatar image” is a poor use of the img alt attribute if anything it should really have been left as ‘alt=””‘

    If a patch were to be submitted, as Paul suggests, what would/should be the string to output in the alt tag, as these are members probably the only option really is the user name any thing other than that would be as equally wrong as the current state.

    This is an interesting and valid issue, and actually has a solution as follows:

    The alt attribute has a deliberate and important purpose, first and foremost it is NOT something designed for SEO purposes that is a secondary benefit[sic] The alt attribute serves to provide; text only readers, users browsing with images disabled, and most importantly! those who have to use assistive devises with a descriptive passage of text to replace the image. This is why the ‘alt’ atttribute is a mandatory requirement for img tags and failing to provide one fails the absolute basic accessibility validation of a site.

    Thus given what the images are for with those images disabled the text replacement would need to read along the lines of ‘Paul’s avatar image’ it’s not so much a SEO issue as respecting the fact that we do have to observe that there are those less fortunate than the majority and who deserve equal access to the resources of the internet and all of which was part of TBL’s vision for the web and the reason we have the WACG

    @djpaul Paul if a patch is added it probably needs to be ‘[username] avatar image’ not sure it can get better than that but the present output isn’t right and would be better left as an empty string.



    @DJpaul, @hnla Thanks for the feedback. I agree the username would probably be appropriate, but I’m guessing a lot of webmasters like myself would like to be able to edit it to be seo friendly for their site even though alt attributes might not be originally designed for that purpose. It is very common for webmasters who understand seo to change the alt in images in order to drive traffic via google images and also to help in keyword placement because some weight is given to those.

    any news on a patch or bit of code to display a members username as an alt tag for avatar images?
    The code needs to go onto bp-core-avatars but so far I can’t get anything other than a static description ie ‘avatar image’

    Soul Dancer


    I use to shorten all my urls. With my free account, I track clicks as well . . .

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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