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Email Conflict with Buddypress and S2 Member

  • Andrew Behla


    I posted to the S2 member forum about a conflict that I’m having between the buddypress and S2 member plugins.

    I am getting the email error in the General Settings, Email Configuration:
    “Conflict warning: You have another theme or plugin installed that is preventing s2Member from controlling this aspect of your installation. When the pluggable function wp_new_user_notification() is handled by another plugin, it’s not possible for s2Member to allow customization of New User Emails. This is NOT a major issue. In fact, in some cases, it might be desirable. That being said, if you DO want to use s2Member’s customization of New User Emails, you will need to deactivate one plugin at a time until this conflict warning goes away.”

    When I deactivate the buddypress plugin, the error message goes away. My understanding is that S2 Members works with Buddypress, and i think it was working before. The problem is that because of the conflict, I’m not able to customize the welcome email after a user registers.

    I would still like to see if we could get rid of that error code message, the one that conflicts with buddypress. A big reason that I switched from Wishlist to S2 was so that it would work with Buddypress. Has anyone figured out how to fix the conflict so that customized emails can be created for new user signups?

    I’d like to customize the text in that email, but am not able to because of the conflict warning error message that I listed above. The options in the S2 member email settings to customize the email are all greyed out.

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