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Emails Not Sending After Update to 1.5.5

  • I’m exhausted after spending hours trying to find a solution to my problem: Emails are not being sent out from my website at all.

    I updated Buddypress on March 30th and ever since, I have not received any emails from new user registrations, comments etc. and my new users are not receiving their activation emails. At this point the website is obsolete. Here are some of the things I have done to fix the problem:
    -Contacted my hosting provider (Hostmonster) who assured me the problem was not with them.
    -Deactivated all plugins to see if there was a compatibility issue. (I am using BBpress, Formidable, WP Mail SMTP, BBpress toolbar and SI Captcha). No Luck.
    -Configured WP-Mail-SMTP plugin based on the author specs.

    Any help or suggestions would be great.

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  • What version did you upgrade from?

    The same issue here: I’m a new user of Buddypress the version I installed is:
    ( buddypress.1.5.5 ) And i installed it on ( wordpress-3.3.1. )
    what can i do to adjust the error?



    what happens when you send a test/debug email from ?

    saying error



    @bigjosh Please don’t hijack other threads especially when you have opened your own topic:

    Please follow up on your other thread ( with more precise information such as error messages and hosting / config / theme / plugins / steps taken etc details )

    My reply was to @britt2802

    Thanks for the replies Aces. I have upgraded from the most previous version of buddypress (1.5.4?). I was fortunate enough to to a backup right before upgrading so I am going to attempt restoring to the older version, so I can give you the exact information later.

    When I send a test email from WP-Mail-SMTP I get the “bool (true)” message at the top of the test report, which I have read means that the test went through. However, the email never makes it to my inbox (or spam).

    I’m not sure if this is solely a Buddypress issue as I am not receiving emails on new comments either, but this is the only change that has been made since I stopped receiving messages all together. My host provider assures me that it is not an issue with them.

    I’ve just run the backup which was not a success. I’m completely puzzled. The backup was run before the upgrade, however it still says I am running Buddypress 1.5.5 and no emails are being sent/received.




    I’m not sure what you mean by backup.

    If you mean just the database then the newer version bp files will still be there anyway….

    Some other solutions were suggested in

    Do your settings conform to what is on

    A database backup is precisely what I was talking about…now you can see I’m a total newb! I thought the backup would capture all configurations at the time of the back up. I learn something new everyday with this stuff!

    I took a look at the links you sent me. My email settings do match what is on the hostmonster site. My address is I also downloaded the Mail from plugin to see if things would smooth out in conjunction with WP Mail SMTP as suggested in the other forum post but no luck. It seems as though this problem can be the result of many many different things and I’m afraid I don’t have the knowledge to dig down and deep to figure it out.

    Ok, I must have missed this bit of information earlier…Here is a few lines from the WP Mail SMTP test report:

    object(PHPMailer)#266 (53) {
    string(5) “UTF-8”
    string(10) “text/plain”
    string(4) “8bit”
    string(188) “SMTP Error: The following recipients failed:
    SMTP server error: Verification failed for
    550-No Such User Here
    550 Sender verify failed

    In my settings I have “localhost” configured in my SMTP Host text box. Could this be where the problem is? If so, what should go in the SMTP Host section?

    I found the solution!!

    For those of you in a similar situation here are the configurations that worked for me:

    Mail From Plugin configured as such:
    Sender name (whatever you want)
    User name (the part that appears before the @ in your email address)
    Domain name (the part after the @ sign in your email address)

    WP Mail SMTP Configured as such:
    From email (your full email address)
    From name (whatever you want)
    Mailer (Use the PHP mail() function to send emails)
    Leave all SMTP options blank or checked No.

    I am using Buddypress 1.5.5 with the Buddy Corporate theme and WordPress 3.3.1 with Hostmonster as my hosting provider.

    I hope this helps someone else out there experiencing this frustrating problem!!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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