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[Resolved] "Enable Group Forum" settings not saving

  • macbort


    Prereqs: Running the most current production releases of WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress.

    I initially ran into some confusion with the group forums setup, but disabled the BuddyPress component and enabled the bbPress one.

    But, now the issue is that in my group(s), when I go to Admin > Forum and check the “Yes. I want this group to have a forum.” checkbox and click the “Save Settings” button/link, it does nothing.

    Looking at the HTML in Chrome’s dev tools, I see input tags for the button and two hidden input values, but there are no form tags surrounding the input tags. Which explains why the Save Settings button doesn’t do anything.

    When I go to any of the other sections of the group admin, I can confirm there is a form tag with a valid action URL.

    Can you think of any reason this would be like this?

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  • Ben Hansen


    have you confirmed this isn’t a theme issue? does this also happen with the bp-default theme? i would think if you disabled the group forum option that link shouldn’t even show up.



    Thanks for the reply, @ubernaut.

    Your hunch seems to be correct – It saved correctly when I temporarily switched to the bp-default theme.

    The regular theme I’m working with is a Genesis child theme w/ the Genesis Connect plugin to hook-up with BuddyPress. There appears to be an issue with that, however.

    I’ll pursue my troubleshooting further in that direction.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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