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Error in User Account Activation

  • David


    Software versions WPMU y Buddypress 1.1.2

    A user can register perfectly on site, and so

    A user logs into the network, until all right, you receive your confirmation email, example:

    By clicking the link correctly goes to the option of activating, but form enter activation code, no code appears on the form. The system remains static there, I tried to manually enter that code (in my example: 4c66b9e47db3e661) but continually asks me for a correct activation code.

    I imagine that this began to happen from MU WordPress upgrade to the latest version.

    Otherwise, the user requesting this code if it exists, but I do not on any list of users, but the system identifies as pending, because if you register again it says already in use …

    Is there any way to know that folks are pending activation users ..

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  • David


    Committed a big mistake, ftp upload overwrote the file .htaccess of another account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    But we know that if this happens you have to look at your .htaccess file.

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