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essential core features

  • Hey Guys,

    Buddypress is awesome, but it feels like a patched solution to a certain extent once you run a community on it. it needs to work as a single componenet to manage a community. Things I believe are missing yet essential for every community solution:

    – User management (admin interface to manage users with their extended buddypress profiles, with ability to deactivate, delete users, and an export function to export a datasheet of all users registered with their full profiles). I have all these users, but I cannot really see their profiles at a glance, and cannot even deactivate unwanted ones.

    – Avatar moderation ( in addition to comment moderation, avatars should be moderated too whenever users upload them)

    – Login redirection (for the lame users, it is wierd that they are redirected to wordpress login page when they enter a wrong password or request forgotten password, they think they are being redirected to another website and get confused, it can simply be using the theme css but keep them users on front end of the site).

    I hope this all makes sense, it is based on working experience. I really like Buddypress and would like to see it getting better and better.

    Happy to hear your feedback.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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