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Event Website – Event Registration and User Dashboards

  • pbriney


    I’m currently in development on a project for that needs to accomplish 1 primary thing: Event Registration. However, our site needs to have the ability to showcase the various teachers AND users “Event History” and “profiles”.

    Excusing terminology- we need “Custom” dashboards/profiles for every user/role that displays: – Classes they’ve attended – Reviews given by other users/roles

    A BLOWN out example of BOTH needs would be:

    I’ve already purchased the Event Espresso plugin, and am quite deep into the development stage. I was under the impression that I could accomplish everything using the EE Add-Ons, but I’m beginning to realize that I might have been mistaken.

    Should I re-start the project on a “social foundation” (using BuddyPress), and then focus on the Event Registration aspect (using EE or Events-Manager)??

    I would love to keep everything with EE, but I need to find some insight on the “dashboards” quickly.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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