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eventpress question

  • this plugin’s output doesn’t seem to respect my theme. the content of the events page and any subpage goes 100% wide and pushes my sidebar to the bottom. is this intended?
    Just wanted to ask if the plugin has its own templates that I can alter or do I need to tinker with my theme?

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  • kunalb


    @ovizii That is not intended behaviour; the plugin has it’s own templates built off the default theme for BuddyPress; if you’re using a custom theme you’ll have to add your own templates. You might be able to get by with just changing the styles of the EventPress templates; the theme files are stored under eventpress/themes/bp and buddypress-custom-posts/themes/ . Any file you place in your own theme folder with the same name/relative path will directly over-ride these default theme files.

    thx. that helps a lot. not much documentation around your plugin so far :-)
    running a custom theme so will look into building my own templates….



    @kunalb Thanks for this great plugin. I want to override the orange color for .ep-event-details specified in First I put the class in my child theme style.css. This didn’t work until I disabled by renaming it to I’m now trying what you are saying above, and I want to make sure that I understand you correctly. I put /assets/css/ in my child theme folder and it does not override the events press style. I also tried putting my own version of in my child theme root and that also doesn’t work. Then I tried putting /mytheme/assets/css/ in the buddypress theme folder – no luck there either. I’m going to resort to the rename hack for now, but I’d like to find a more permanent solution. Any suggestions are much appreciated.



    The over-ride works only for the php files, not the CSS files, actually. To remove the css file in an upgrade-proof way, dequeue Or you might just want to add the css with an !important added to child theme’s style css, for example `.ep-event-details { background-color: #fff !important; color: #000 !important }`.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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