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EventPress vs Jet Event System

  • Sven Lehnert


    Could someone give some advice, about the pro and contra of both plugins.
    The good old times with bp-events by Erwin are behind us. I am very happy and I think many others are, too, to update to an alternative event plugin after such a long time.
    I think both plugins look quite interesting. But what is your opinion? I would like to hear a field report.

    Here my 2 cents and questions to everyone:
    Eventpress uses the custom post types from wp 3.0 – what I really like.
    Jet Event System creates a bunch of tables. I do not know if it’s a quality different to go away from the wp system?

    Eventpress is a gsoc project. What will be now after the gsoc? Will the development continue straight forward?
    Jet Event System seems to be updated quite often. Who is behind Jet Event System? It says Andy Peatling?

    I hope some have played around with both and could write something here in this thread.

    Thanks a lot :-Sven

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  • I have just been playing around with eventpress and am very impressed, find the plugin file layout a little different than used to in it’s use of a MVC pattern and the new custom pages but the results look very good, seems pretty stable.

    Jet events is also worthy but I did have to customise it to add google maps picked up automagically from event address fields, the plugin does look to be in ongoing development which is good, although the same can be said of eventpress.

    Jet events tables can be changed just create your own templates it’s what I would have done.
    As for authors just check the files as they carry that information.

    Best thing is to have a play around yourself with both to get a feel for which suits.



    Frequent updates JES bound in 90% of cases with the introduction of new features .. after the implementation of all pans and user feedback – the plugin will be updated less frequently and have a part of the user interface and optimization (+ ensuring compatibility with new versions of the BP and WP)

    The plugin was originally created for their own projects … it ensures their needs.

    JES is entirely based on the structure of BP .. it is functional .. it can be used on production systems .. now.
    As EventPress – is the prospect .. when it will be possible to use it .. I hope that the EP will be a system of events in the near future and will enable to choose:)

    So you’re saying Jet Events is stable and Eventspress still in beta? which is probably accurate, EP seems pretty stable though with a few oddities, JES I found required attending to styling markup and oddly having to hack the plugin to integrate GMaps

    Fairly pointless running this thread on further thoughts / questions can be added to this one:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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