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Events Plugin for BBpress

  • thasmas


    Hi I came across this great post from 3 years ago and I wounder if we have any “good changes” on those plugins, mentioned there… I really need Pre-booking, Attending Buttons without paying (YES, MAYBE, NOT ATTENDING) –
    Way to contact these Audience who marked “MAYBE ATTENDING”, waiting list and compatible with BBpress which means Members could be able to create and manage events from the front end….



    I am currently setting up and developing a social media site based on WordPress/BuddyPress but can’t find a single event plug-in, that meets our requirements:

    1. Users can submit events
    2. Integration in the BP Frontend/Profiles
    3. Ability for recurring events
    4. Usage of custom Post Types and Taxonomies for Events and Locations
    5. Ability to show intention to attend (like in Facebook)
    6. Ability to invite others (your friends) to an event by BP messages or BP notifications
    7. Activity Stream entrys for creating and attending events
    8. Sell tickets (preferably integrating mit MarketPress or WooCommerce).
    9. Granular Shortcodes and Template-Tags for complete customization of output.

    I would gladly pay 500 or even 1,000 dollars for a plug-in that does it all!

    I started off with looking at a plug-in, I’ve been using for 4 years now: Events Manager. Its VERY well documented, has loads of shorttags and complies with 1/2/3/4/7/8/9. But it cant invite other users by internal BuddyPress functions and you cant say “I’ll attend” without “buying” a ticket.

    Then I came upon Event Espresso. Nice and polished and with some extra features like QR-Code tickets and a mobile app to have a digital check-in. It also exposes all content through a JSON API possibly making a mobile app integration (like with PhoneGap) much easier. It also offers seating plans for variable tickets. But again: no invitation or notification through BuddyPress. No “Attend” and “maybe” buttons like in FB. And no BuddyPress integration, not frontend event submission and unless you have bought a license you cant check, what shortcodes it has to offer. Certainly a more tight-lipped approach to technical support.

    For a long time I thought, these are the major players I have to choose among, before I became aware of Events+ by WPMU. Incredibly, it seems to be the only WordPress events plugin mimicking the FB way of showing your intention to attend. The “Attend” and “Maybe” buttons are front and center of this plugin, along with recurring events and a system to buy tickets (integrated with MarketPress). It even allows different ticket prices based on user level/role. But a lousy pre-sales documentation and limited number of shortcodes and again: no internal invitation feature.

    I googled again and again, before I found a reference to the original BP events plugin, seemingly abandoned by its (too good not to ne hired by Facebook) developer. This plug-in, was apparently able to invite friends of the event organizer through BuddyPress notifications. It hasnt been developed further since then, it seems, and it came with a peculiar “feature”: all people invited were automatically registered as attending. If everything in life would be so easy

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