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Excellent Read at Blog

  • John James Jacoby


    Jane Wells posted a blog entry today on the blog that I think really applies to all of us. It talks about being more involved in the community even if you’re not a PHP programmer or a designer.

    If you’ve got a few extra minutes in your day, I really suggest checking it out!

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  • oldskoo1


    +1 – Great read.

    Often i have moments of reflection on just how incredible software is becoming these days.

    I’m amazed at the collective effort that is put by people that usually just get involved because it makes them tick.

    I’m sure most of them / us have families and do a lot of this in spare time. That is impressive.

    The best software is always produced out of communities or dev teams that place their trust in a community to help out. Most of the time the people involved are the community which is great compared to what was happening 20 years ago.

    Aron Jay


    Really worth reading!

    even though i didn’t finish it…



    Thanks for posting that. Since I’m not much of a coder, when I make suggestions on the trac report I tend to think I’m just being annoying. Nice to know that much of the time it’s actually helpful.

    Jeff Sayre


    Thanks for the post, John. As you point out, there are many ways to contribute to the WP community even if you lack made-programming skills.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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