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Exclude users

  • alejandroalbad


    Hi, I’m new with Buddypress. I have a news site and I want to include Buddypress so that readers can register. Is there any way to exclude users from Buddypress? For example, I have authors who write on the site but I don’t want those authors to be part of Buddypress. With the plugin activated, all urls change to “”. What I want is that the authors do not have Buddypress profiles and that their URLs do not change, that is, that they remain “” and only the reading users are “” . I have searched and found no solution. The closest I found is that the authors have a “” type URL and the readers have a “” type URL, but I’m not looking for it exactly because I want to exclude to the authors of Buddypress and continue to maintain their url of current authors. I would be very grateful if you could help me with this.

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