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Extended profile when adding new user

  • irenehofer


    I’m wondering if it’s possible to add extended profile details to a user when creating a new profile. Regularly, I have to create the user first and after that I can edit the profile and add custom information. It would be great to skip this extra step and make it possible to add those details directly without saving first.
    Thanks for any hints

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  • danbp


    No, it’s not possible. A user must first exist before he can add anything to the site.
    The only way for you to avoid this two step work, is to allow the user to register himself.



    Ok, I understand. Thanks. So then is it maybe possible to skip the step where you get back to the overview after creating a user. I mean, the regular process looks like this:
    1. create a new user with basic information
    2. getting back to the user overview, select user
    3. add details to the extended profile

    I mean, if it’s possible to skip step 2 and make a redirection after creating a new user?



    When the door is closed, you always enter by the window ? 🙂

    This is the impossible thing (on backend):
    1. create a new user with basic information

    The WordPress login process use ONLY a username, a mail and a password.
    As long as this is not handled and correctly introduced to DB, you can’t before or during this process, enter anything related to a given user from back office.

    WP register first the user.
    Once the user is registered, he receive an unique ID. It is this ID who allow BP to add additionnal informations.

    Or you allow front-end registering or you have to use the 2 step work from back-end: register + extended profile information.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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