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Extended profiles

  • impert


    Hi guys

    Im building a social networking site and im looking for people to also have their company’s profile and also categorize these companies so you can search them by category.
    Then anybody can make a request for a service that they need, for example, “social media managment” and if there’s a company with that category it notifys this company/person

    Can thise be accomplished by Buddypress + extra plugins? Or does this need to be a custom job?

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  • Henry Wright


    This can be accomplished using BuddyPress. As to whether you’ll need plugins or custom code, I’d be tempted to say you’ll need to go down the custom route because I haven’t seen a plugin that will do this for you (I may be wrong so check the Plugin Directory first).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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