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Extended Profiles break activity stream?

  • Matt Lowe


    Hi, I’ve not used BP before and this feels like an obvious bug to me, but wanted to sanity check it before I go raise a ticket. Basically on a fresh install of BP 1.8.1 or BP 1.9-beta1, on WP 3.7.1, and no other plugins installed, when I activate the “Extended Profiles” component the activity stream breaks. Specifically, all threaded comments vanish from the activity stream. When I deactivate the Extended Profiles component they all reappear again.

    I notice too that every time I change which components are active I get a new profile field group named Base (Primary) that cannot be deleted without going to the DB. I tried deleting the extraneous Base groups to see if that helps, but it made no difference to the activity stream.

    Am I missing something? It seems to me that Extended Profiles is just plain broken, yet I haven’t been able to find any evidence that anyone else is having this issue, and it would surprise me if BP is shipping with this feature so broken. Is it perhaps a WP 3.7 issue? Should I be running 3.6 to get around this?

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