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Extended Profiles / Can't edit the fields

  • Cartographer


    Hi there,

    I would like to point an issue I face, using the Buddypress Component “Extended Profiles”.

    First of all, I just leave the first required field only, which is the display name.

    In registration forms the user is able to add the display name but trying to edit it using the setting options of its profile he can’t.

    Furthermore, every field I add through extended profiles options is not editable, using the setting options of each user’s profile.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much

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  • Cartographer


    I found this:

    1) If you go through Settings and then Profile you are neither able to edit your profile nor to even see the infos (e.g. your display name)

    2) If you go through Profile and then Edit you can edit your profile as it should

    Well it does make sense but wouldn’t be great if you could at least see the info/fields using the method 1?




    hi @cartographer

    Please read here and give also some infos about your theme



    Hi again,

    I use the latest versions of both WordPress and Buddypress and I can replicate the issue using “Twenty Fourteen” theme.

    Wordpress: 3.9.2
    BuddyPress: 2.0.2
    Theme: Twenty Fourteen



    It is not an issue, it is intended so !

    The logged user’s profile tab comes with 3 sub menus:
    – View (public)
    – Edit (private)
    – Change avatar (private)

    On the main navigation of the member, you have at least
    – Settings with 3 sub nav items:
    – account credential (email, password)
    – notifications
    – field visibility settings

    And if component is activated:
    – Friends
    – Groups
    – Forum

    I agree that this Setting is confusing, at least, because those labels should indicate My Friends, My Groups, My Forums and My profile fields visibility settings, which is too long i grant you. 😉

    FYI: such distinction wern’t really possible untill now in the original english version.
    But the upcomming BP 2.1 brings some better context disambiguation just to improve such situation.

    To solve this today, you can:
    1) create a translation file and modify the wording (but, as said, without disambiguation)
    2) use a child theme and hardcode the text you want into the template file (best approach)
    3) wait a few days for 2.1 to use the first option



    Hi @danbp

    Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate it!

    I think that I understand your points and I will wait for the next update.

    My only comment here it that under “My profile fields visibility settings” maybe it would be nice to see the data next to the profile fields (not edit them just see them).

    Thank you again 🙂



    If you have suggestion or enhancement request, feel free to leave them on
    You might use the same login as on this forum.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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