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Extending WP plugin for BP? (RSS)

  • akukskuks


    I’m relatively new to BP, and to PHP. Been trying to hunt down an RSS feed importer for my site but haven’t had much luck. Here’s why:

    1) Needs to aggregate and import a number of RSS feeds onto a unique group page (“News”) as opposed to posting directly to the group activity feed…

    2)…except that I do want ONE distinct RSS to be fed onto each group activity feed. The content of this feed will be emails that users send off to a distinct email address whose sole purpose is to post those emails (and attachments maybe??) to the group activity.

    Unfortunately (fortunately?), I’ve found an almost PERFECT plugin…but it’s for WP only! I’ve noticed that some of the other “WP only” plugins I’ve tried on BP have actually worked (“Spreadsheet,” for example) but can’t test to see if “WP RSS Multi Importer” works on BP as we’re still on a development server with no access to the outside world.

    1) Is anyone willing to see if “WP RSS Multi Importer” works on BP?? I doubt it, but still.
    2) If it doesn’t work, what can I do to adapt it for BP? Is it realistic for me to hire a programmer to do this migration, or is that in bad form/impossible? I’ve already asked the author if he’d be willing to work on this but he’d rather focus on other aspects of perfecting the plugin first (exporting RSS). Not sure of the protocol here…just figured it’d be easier to do this than start a new plugin from scratch.


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  • @mercime


    There’s but not sure if it’s working on latest BP. If you’re going to hire a programmer, might as well have them work on updating/customizing the external group blogs plugin, up to you though.



    Thanks @mercime. I guess I’m just wondering which one would be “easier” to do from a technical standpoint: add the functionality to the current BP plugin or migrate an existent WP plugin with the exact functionality I’m looking for.

    I’ve tried External Group Blogs as well – which would work great for goal #2 listed above – but the added functionality with RSS Multi Importer would just be perfect (posting via aggregated “categories” in different spaces on the site).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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