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Facebook Connect for BuddyPress

  • I am about 90% done syncing a Facebook Connect plugin and BuddyPress, so that people can join the network with fv, it can pull their photo and then they can play around just like any member would.

    I’ve run into a problem with Profile Pages though. When I click through on the name of any member that joined through Facebook, the profile page doesn’t exist, and I’m redirected to the home page. When I looked at the URLs I noticed that BuddyPress was trying to use the display name as the url extension, so instead of going to /members/username/ it was going to /members/firest-name%20last-name which didn’t exist. I thought this would be simple enough to fix, but when I switched it so that the link went to /members/username like the other working profiles, the page still didn’t exist and I was redirected to the home page.

    Is it possible that BuddyPress isn’t able to recognize profile pages from people who used Facebook to login? I don’t see how, because I went into phpMyAdmin and verified that all the required user info was there in the wp_users table. Does BP take member info from a different table when creating profile pages?

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  • Addition: If fb has a username set as Ben ohnson it will force that display. I think BP is looking for

    /members/Ben Johnson/ when it creates those links.

    But since the url can”t have a space in it, BP will never find the member page. Does anyone know which template I should change to possibly correct this? Or does anyone know that I’m flat out wrong and could use a new direction?

    Forgot to mention, I am using the Facebook Open Graph plugin by Sociable.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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