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Fatal Frustration

  • brokenforum


    Sorry guys i have to do this, this is simply to much so here is my bash.

    Please also read this article which pretty much support this:

    When I started using buddypress it was working nicely up-to 1.2 after the 1.2 development it has been totally disaster.

    Well to start with plugins startet not working, plugins got not updated and so on you could live with that.

    With the 2.8 and afterwards its been lol cat broken ass buddypress, sorry to say so harsh but this is really fatality.

    Many important plugins does not work or get no updates in ages such as
    WP-FB connect stopped to work or works half ass
    Buddypress theme pack stopped to work or partly works, with the JS stopped working.
    Buddypress forums has been totally disaster half baked ass script and not functional half the time, where users cannot post WTF man??? The whole setup a forum beneeth a group is the worst logic ever seen.
    6 months between updates very slowly
    Development slowed down drastically
    Backwards compitible plugin does not work after 0.6
    BP supposed to be a social media plugin where it totally failed because no updates.

    Now with the latest install of BP 1.3 beta, users does not register, cannot create new blogs, cannot downgrade to 1.2.8, as it crash, not backwards compatible… seriously i dont know what u guys has been baked on the 600 fixes in 1.3, but HELLO GET the CORE to work first, I just see it works here bullshit, in fact many ppl post frustration that registration and forums does not work.

    I have a huge website with more than 20,000 now they cannot login, this BS plugin F my site up completely. It’s Peace of shit software sorry to say but its really bad work of you guys when u cannot get the CORE functions to work such as registration and forums

    Just my 2 sense, maybe im harsh but really i am free to speech my frustration out, i mean if you have so many users using this and you guys cannot get the core working, maybe its time to look inside yourself and really try to find out what is wrong, ive used dozens hours to fix all this BS and wasted lots of time. Why you release half baked working scripts, that is not backward compatible and so on, its BS. The strategy is not well though and its about time to get Andy back on leadership cuz it was working fine with him, after it all got out of control because there is no management of BP anymore, and there is no timeline or control with the project’

    You guys must understand its freemium model or whatever opensource and you get not paid does not matter, because people will not wait for ages on updates, same rule apply to all software its need to follow upto date life cycle otherwise whats the point of it?
    People just want basic things to work, and should be the first rule to apply from there people will start popup because its fixes lots of errors and frustration, now i just see a community with full of frustration and you do nothing about management this. Its all about communication, again paid work or not same rules apply.

    A good example of this the Devs usally give an answer on post a trac and after a few hours the post a standard message: “It is working fine on Test BP server” this is totally BS service, i mean the devs should research on topics and USE energy on what is Critical, if Multiple posts appear that the registration or forums not working, then maybe something should popup in devs head??? that something maybe went wrong with the testing. But the current devs just put that critical issue in a long list instead of prioritize critical issues. Because there is no plan or strategy the free working devs can approach to issues as they like, but this is not how real world or software development work. Its about finding the critical issues and the right way of communication.

    Thank you, sorry for the harsh words and bash , i hope you guys can understand my frustration and thoughts!!!

    By the way anyone else feels the same?

    GG BP failz @ leadership

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  • @mercime


    == Sorry guys i have to do this, this is simply to much so here is my bash. ==

    I feel for you. Here are some gentle reminders:

    1. Always backup your server files and database regularly and before upgrading. That way, you can revert back to working model if something “bad” happens.

    2. BP has not released any BP 1.3 beta version yet. You got a trunk version which as you should know is not a stable version.

    3. If BP does release beta version, do not use it on live sites. This is for testing purposes.

    4. Even premium software is not perfect.

    5. The last time you posted here on forums was nine months ago. If your question has not been answered within 24 hours, you are allowed to bump your post.

    I sincerely wish you made a backup of your site before you installed BP trunk and hope that you can revert to working version of your site.

    Being rude results in this forum thread being closed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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