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Feature Enquiry

  • Paul Carter-Quayle


    Hi I am trying to ascertain whether BuddyPress has the following functionality for my clients needs. Here below is what my client is wanting to achive:
    “The purpose of what we want to create is: To maintain a lineage of facilitators by enabling the growing community to endorse one another based on assessment criteria.
    How we see this functioning is for people to be able to:
    – create simple profiles (picture, text description, tags: area of speciality/focus, location)
    – Find one another’s profiles based on the tags or other defining feature, e.g. name
    – Endorse one another’s capacity as a facilitator by: person (a) sending a request to person (b) and the endorsement only showing on person (a)’s profile when it is confirmed by person (b)
    – Leave testimonials
    We want the endorsements to show a lineage starting from the originator, so we can see who people have worked with/learned from.”
    Is BuddyPress capable of doing this?
    Thank you kindly in advance for your time and for your consideration.

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  • shanebp


    BP can get you started. You will need to extend it for some of your features.
    The best approach is to setup a test site and install it and find out the specifics.

    Paul Carter-Quayle


    Thank you kindly for your prompt reply, I will look into finding a developer to extend BuddyPress for my clients feature request.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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