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Feature Wish List: No WPMU Backend for Users

  • I think I have said this on every post, but BuddyPress is Great!

    The one feature that I think would take it over the top would be display the wpmu backend into a space like the “forum placeholder”.

    Maybe I am looking at things wrong, but I feel that it is hard to figure out the difference between the back end of the blog (and I think “login” destination) and my profile. For instance, to get back to buddypress homepage, from blog users admin screen, I believe that you have to visit your blog (if a registered blogger) and then hit the little buddypress icon? There might be an easier way, but that seems to be the path of least resistance…..except of course through the dashboard feeds, but my point is made.

    If this could all be in the profile section, there is less of a chance that users can get lost. :)

    I also understand that I ask, I code. You really don’t want that. My WPMU backend would look better if Dr. Frankenstein whipped it up. Definitely not pretty. However, it seems like it should be fairly easy if I apply my caveman approach, so I might look at it and take a swing with my club, but if someone else wants wave a magic wand that would be great…….even twirl a baton at it. whatever.

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  • I would like something in that direction, too. A “normal” user, even without a blog, should NEVER be redirected to the WPMU-Backend. Because it is just confusing…

    Only if one has to admin it’s own blog, should they see the backend. That would be ok for me :-).

    But maybe that is possible to change somewhere (per example, when the normal WP-Login Screen appears (sorry, I am a Greenhorn, but I am learning by doing and by your feedbacks – thanks for that!!!)

    Just to say it once again (from time to time I have to say it): BUDDYPRESS ROCKS!!!!!

    Maybe someone can help.

    Under buddypress-member/blogs there are several files and it seems like one of these could be bp-wp-dashboard that would basically open wp-admin/index.php but just in the Content div of the members page.

    At least that is what I am going to attempt using brute force with no elegant methods.

    What I can’t find, after two minutes of looking–I will do more, is what file to add “Blog dashboard” to so it will show under the create blog link (or above, whatever) on

    I also don’t know without testing if it will work, but since the “create blog” works that way….why not.



    I absolutely think your toughts are great, miguael. A “normal” member without a blog shoud not have any acces to the backend at all. Only when a user create a blog, the backend should be aviable.

    I guess it’s some kind of hard to deny users without a blog acces to the backend, but I supose some kind of a redirect would be able to fix the “problem…”

    I failed in my first attempt at this, but got close. It is not just possible, but with the right person……incorporating wpmu backend into profile might almost be easy.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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