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Features and Requests

  • Michael Bryner


    I think it is terrible that someone asks for something to be implemented into buddypress and someone just replies and says it is better if the theme author just does it. That is terrible support and no its not better if the theme author does it because they will just say no too. So it is better for this plugin to implement it not the theme author.

    I have already asked for styling to be added on this plugin because there are other plugins with competition with buddypress now released and better looking and offering more but are charging an arm and a leg for the extensions but buddypress is just basic styling. I see that the next update is going to have the cover photos added but that is still not going to better much.

    The members directory still is in list format and now these other plugins that are charging have grid format for the members directory but nothing for buddypress. I have searched all over the internet on Google for customization for the member directory and there is nothing close to getting like these other plugins.

    I can’t stand these support forums because you just respond once and say something of getting someone else to do it and then close the darn thread and nothing happens. That is terrible support and this styling I am mentioning should be from the plugin, not theme authors. If the styling is still only going to get just cover photos only on next update and nothing more, then I will move to something else and leave buddypress in the dust and just use something else.

    Pointless to be using something that does not draw people in to sign up to. This plugin for community has been around since 2008 and still looks like it is from 2008. Can’t believe even volunteers to code this plugin, doesn’t want a nicer looking members page directory too.

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  • Venutius


    Yes it would be nice to have the option to display the members and group lists in grid format. also the ability to have a top line where you can pick out the featured groups and also the Admin/Moderator members.

    Michael Bryner


    This is the only community plugin on the repository that does not have the grid option. That is how far behind this plugin is.

    I am looking into how promptly we may be closing old discussion threads (if we leave them open, someone replies to them months or years later, normally with a “did anyone ever find a solution” etc”, and the discussion’s out of date). I can’t see any threads that you’ve started recently that have been closed, so I’m assuming you meant generally.

    Also, we appreciate your feedback. This isn’t the first time you’ve complained about some of the design/theming aspects of BuddyPress, but unfortunately threads like this don’t help us make the software better. You’re more likely to get a better response if you share unconstructive comments like these on your own site/blog rather than these support forums (if you do, be sure to link us here to it so we can go read it). Thanks.

    Michael Bryner


    Sorry, but I have to disagree there on the closing threads. I have not been here that much at all except for the styling only requesting and I don’t any deeper than half of the first page and that is not old threads and they are closed after just one response from the moderator that says get something done from the theme author. Is that good support? To me that is not even giving hardly any support and just closing it before we even can say another word.

    I am not even in here every day and still that is the way buddypress, wordpress, and bbpress sites support works. It is not old threads getting closed only. You say my threads are not what should be put in the support. All them been pretty much exactly where they should be request and features is where I asked for features and Ideas is an idea given for the features and the only post that is really out of place, which is not really that far out of place was the survey thread but really if you are this way with a business with normal customers. I would of been gone the first response to my thread being closed and never been back ever again.

    Telling someone that something should be done with a 3rd party theme over the plugin implementation is the wrong way to take it, especially when asking the theme author already and they give a rats *** about adding it to the theme. So to me to go somewhere else and get it done will not do a thing but waste out time. Not saying you did that Paul but your moderator does that. He basically tells us to get it done from something that really is not with the plugin at all and theme authors are not just going to add that feature because you won’t.

    I know you said that it will be and would be foolish not to but talk to you moderator about this because he is the one that is acting like there is no reason in this world that this plugin should not have styling at all.

    I feel sorry for this guy that wants to stay basic. I giving up on this forum if closing a thread after first reply is the way it works here. That is terrible support and surprised you think that is the way it should be, especially if someone is having the same question or issue and they search for that, they won’t be able to do a thing because those threads are never resolved and no answers and closed before they even do get them.

    All those renewed threads about the same exact thing all over again because of it, using all the database is pointless to me. I would never do that to my visitors on my own website on bbpress. I am this close to just uninstalling buddypress and only keeping bbpress on my website. Not all people are made out of money to buy or pay extras for things. I guess I will only get the right answer from Paul and I am either going to have buddypress or not by the time that finally updated buddypress with the so called promise that it will be done.

    Not trying to be an jerk here but telling me that old threads are closed and I open a thread that is not even a day old and says the thread is closed to new replies, is not an old thread. This kind of support in a forum is really bad to me and I would never want unlimited amount of the same threads about the same thing all over my website using up space for no reason. I think I am going to just say goodbye and probably never going to come back to this support forum ever again.

    I already never do anything on WordPress support because they just tell you to go somewhere else when it isn’t another company to ask about WordPress issues. I even don’t go to bbpress support anymore either. Now buddypress is going to be not anymore.

    Goodluck with future releases! Maybe I will stick with buddypress and maybe I will just say heck with it and take it off.

    This is not all towards you Paul but your moderator acting like this plugin needs no styling at all and getting it done through someone that has nothing to do with this plugin is really the most annoying thing someone would do. He acts like there is no other person in this world wants anything on this plugin but left the way it is. A person like that sounds just like the people stuck on Windows XP even with the support gone and just complains that there is no reason to even upgrade to get support.

    Sorry, I am pissed about this and now I am debating so hard whether to keep buddypress or not for his bad attitude towards others about this plugin.

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