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Features for BuddyPress

  • idotter


    Hi there

    It’s a while since I checked back this site because I decided to take elgg as base of my next project. I really really like to take WP + BP but there are still some features missing:

    Sitewide Tagging (All content and persons can be tagged)
    Extended Profile Page (Skills, Interest as tags)
    Aggregation of Web 2.0 Sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, delicious, diigo like WP-Lifestream does for WP
    Collaboration (e.g. Embedding of Google Docs)

    What do all the core (plugin) devs say … is it realistic to expect all these features in the (near) future?

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  • idotter


    no answers ?





    I agree that all of those things would be awesome. In fact if Lifestream made their plugin compatible with BP that would be awesome!

    Sitewide Tagging = Plugin
    Extended Profile Page = Plugin
    Aggregation of Web 2.0 Sources = Plugin
    Collaboration = Plugin

    Privacy = Core

    Are you a coder and asking what plugin the community would like you to make?

    Boone Gorges


    You could hack together something like Lifestream fairly easily using There’s no interface for it yet, but the infrastructure is all there.

    Jeff Sayre has said that he’ll be releasing his Privacy Component shortly after 1.2.6 is released.

    The kind of rich tagging you’re talking about really isn’t possible at the moment. Only when BP’s core components are converted into WordPress content types (like custom post types) will they be able to easily inherit WP’s taxonomy functionality. I’m guessing that will happen in the BP 1.4 range. The good news is that, once it does, tagging/categorization will be totally seamless.



    Hi guys

    It’s a while since i checked back this thread … thx for your mentions.
    Are there some coders which are willing to develop some of these plugins?

    I’ll get a project in the near future and could spend some money ;-)

    My principal is to support plugin development ( i can’t pay dvelopment from a to z) but devs can resell or release it to the public repository.

    please contact me at marc(at)



    @Boone Gorges You should do a frontend for this, so every user could paste it’s rss feeds and aggregate them into activity stream …
    It’s really great, but i’m no coder :-(

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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