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fecebook connect?

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  • josh101


    I use rpx. Its a better I think and you can use facebook with it too it will take some work thou. I have 40 plugins on my site so if you need a good plugin I got tons.



    @josh101 How did use rpx to take care of the Facebook connect issue on your site? I tried it out but it doesn’t seem to work with BP 1.2 or the registration pages.



    I am also trying to figure out how to get Facebook connect to work with BP 1.2. I have a lot of people interested in my project but don’t want to go through another username/password. It is a deal breaker for many non-geeks.



    Thanks Josh101. I will try rpx and see how it goes. For sure facebook connect is a huge extra push in membership building. We are a publication that tries to up visibility and whether folks fully register or interact via facebook is fine by us. You are talking about a lot of tools that you have. Do you mind providing a link to you site or any ideas?

    Thanks a mil




    After learning about rpx every time I see facebook connect I almost start cracking up because with rpx thats just one part of it. You can upgrade to pro but theres really no point when most people just use facebook connect anyways.

    facebook connect= log in from 2 sites yours or facebook

    rpx free= 7 sites yours and 6 others

    rpx $100= 13 sites yours and 12 others

    Now tell me if you want to use facebook connect? If yes go do work if no search for rpx in your plugin system and join

    If you want to say thanks just join my site.

    Kenneth Jensen


    Hi josh101

    I tried the RPX plugin and everything is installed like they say at rpxnow, but I cant figure out how to use the token_url.

    My users are able to select the provider, logging in at the provider, and are then being redirectet to rpx.php (that I created at my server). But I have NO clue what that file should do, to logging ind my user at the site?

    My site is running at

    Could you please give me some kinda hint?



    @Kenneth Jensen your rpx works no problem.



    RPX is working great for sign in, but thats all you get, is sign in.

    Buddypress profiles etc dont work. If i sign in with my google account, and click on my profile, it just redirects to the home page….

    is there a way to solve this?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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