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Feedback: BP is getting better by each release-cycle

  • Shmoo


    Thanks guys, keep it going like this!

    When I started with BuddyPress years ago I really had a hard time getting trough all template logic, actions, filters and stuff like that to change some data-output.

    Yesterday I started testing and building again upon Beta 1 (1.9) and I really like how easy you can target and print User-profile info into the member listing page.
    At my screenshot I simply added a Gender profile field and targeted it by some CSS lines to make a visual difference.

    Right now I have a very simple way to show if some profile is Male or Female.
    CSS - members profile fields

    I also added the ‘order by’ select option + search field to the menu to make it more compact.

    First page almost done – a few more to go 🙂

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  • Henry


    Very nice design – just be aware members are free to enter longer usernames or names so that could have an impact on how the page element looks. e.g. would name span over two lines? would that impact on the nice uniformity of each row you have in the screenshot? etc etc.

    Avatar sizes will be constant of course and the length of the active time ago text won’t change either so those page elements will be good no matter what.



    True, but I was thinking of using the FitText.js plugin to prevent usernames from going to a second line when they become longer at this index page.
    While working with min-heights on each element I try to control each member ‘widget’ having the same overall height.

    I would like to use BuddyPress as an upgrade (redesign) of an exciting bbPress site that has been broken from upgrading from bbPress 1.0 -> 2.0.
    This site offers news articles, video + audio Post Formats and support trough bbPress but has grown into some very active ‘online-public-bar’ where people like to post a lot of Off Topic stuff mainly on the forum-side of the of the website while the homepage (news) is often overlooked.

    Using the Groups section for all Off Topic forum discussions and use the bbPress forums module only for real On Topic support would make this website more social and getting more people involved though the Activity-stream.
    Plus I could make a custom audio-postformat (Podcasts) query on the BP Groups page to list all latest Podcasts.

    Redesign of the Groups section. Replacing the Avatar for an icon that will be the same through the entire site and people will recognize it as Off Topic stuff.
    Maybe the font-size, spacing and coloring is still a bit off but I’ll look at this at the end, right now it using the Global styles.

    groups - change

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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