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Fighting Spam User Registrations

  • Deceth



    BuddyPress is awesome, I use it at The only issue I have is a constant battle with spam.

    Askimet is awesome at finding and clearing out spam comments. The problem is, with BuddyPress, I get spam user registration and Askimet doesn’t remove spam accounts.

    To try and fight the spam accounts I use two plugins:
    – BP Humanity (users have to answer a question like five plus two)
    – SI Captcha (users have to type in sequence of characters displayed in image)

    However, even with these two plugins, 10-20 spam user accounts are created daily. If I don’t login for a week, it can be very difficult to delete 100+ accounts. And if I don’t delete them, they’ll eventually all start posting about viagra, credit cards and magic ponies.

    So, after some searching I found a plugin called User Spam Remover ( This plugin lets me delete all the spam users with a single click, rather than having to go through each profile in BuddyPress or try to sort through them on the WordPress users page. The only problem is that it does not play nice with BuddyPress, since it was designed for WordPress (it will leave behind remnant information, such as “Bob became a registered member” on the activity page).

    I have two feature requests:

    1 – A nice option would be the ability to hide the “became a registered member” message from the Activity page. I get enough spam user registrations that the activity page becomes a useless blurb of new users that aren’t actually new users. Once I delete all these spam accounts, the Activity page is awesome, showing useful things like new forum posts, groups and comments. I want it to always be like this, I don’t need it to ever display messages about new users even if they are legitimate.

    2 – Built in function to detect and remove spam user accounts. In fact, this can just be a page that lets me sort and select users in ways that would bring spam accounts to the forefront. If I can sort by date registered, I can get a list of all new accounts on one page where I can select and delete about 95% of them (now I can get an alphabetical list which takes forever to sort through). Or if I could pull up a list of all accounts with no activity that would help too (if I can delete them all from the same page). I’ll never be able to block all spam registrations, so anything that makes it easier (less clicks) to clean up is awesome.

    Another option for anybody in the mood for plugin development, is to make spam-user-remover compatible with BuddyPress or fork it to be a BuddyPress plugin.

    Just some thoughts! I’d also love to hear any feedback on how others are fighting off spam.

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  • Have you tried the spam plugin, Bad Behavior? I can’t remember if I read about it on the Support forums here, or if I just Googled “Buddypress Spam” and read a recommendation of it on another site, but it seems to be working for us since we started using it a few weeks ago. I haven’t found any issues with how it functions with Buddypress, either, so far.



    Here is an update on how I’m dealing with the spam user registrations on my Battle City site.

    At some point I realized, I will never defeat the spam user registrations. My efforts helped to limit them, but not eliminate the problem. So I decided, maybe what I need to do is limit the impact. The spam user registrations are still there, but now I barely see them. This is what I do:

    To limit the spam user registrations, I use “Buddypress Humanity” and “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam“. “Askimet” then picks up on most of the spam comments posted by those who still manage to register.

    Next, I use “BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types“. With this plugin I hide all new user registration messages from the Activity stream.

    Finally, I use “User Spam Remover” plugin to go in once every couple of weeks to mass delete 95% of all spam users.

    This doesn’t eliminate the problem, but makes life more manageable and keeps most of the spam users out of sight unless they manage to get past Askimet and post some messages.

    Ben Hansen


    still wondering about legitimate users and wether they would caught by the mass deletions if their only activity was buddypress activity.



    Nice tutorial!. Nice tips to use. Spamming is bad for business and buddypress is not doing anything to stop it. I own a buddypress site and followed this tips here

    This work like a charm. No spam registration




    you can also use WangGuard. Coupled with Askimet, it’s terrific. Even if not a 100% bullet proof. WP Ban is also good. If you have access to the site error.log you can also deny access to some recurrent IP’s with htaccess

    That said, nobody can give you the best recipe at this time.

    Ben Hansen


    buddypress is not doing anything to stop it

    i don’t think that’s a fair statement at all. everyone here knows how important this issue is and everyone here is doing their best to incorporate features that help without any downside. the article you mention is also referencing wanguard which sounds like a tool to fight slog regs but there is potential downside (blocking legit users who have been incorrectly flagged by wanguard for some reason or another).

    buddypress is not doing anything to stop it.


    And pray tell what is BP supposed to do about it? Be nice to get some suggestions!


    fwiw spam is a pandemic or appdemic issue it affects nearly all CMS / forum apps out there on the net, the issue is not one that can be effectively dealt with one can only stem the tide and also fwiw it’s up to you the end user of this frely provided software to put you various traps and safeguards in place, and to be massivelly pro-active in the fight, if on the other hand  – as some have wailed, that they return to their site after a week and it’s all full of spam well…


    So posts  – and they are quite frequent – that point the accusatory finger at BP ought to stop doing so, it is NOT BP’s issue it’s yours!


    And there are a whole heap of approaches one can take and a million threads on the subject, oh and it’s not just above specific apps or plugins  a little knowledge of how to manipulate resources such as .htaccess  can help.



    I am daily getting very much spams on
    no idea how.even tried plugin no use

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