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filter content for all site (e.g. by country)

  • grosbouff


    Hello, is there or is it possible to have a limitation to filter the content, e.g. by a custom field ?

    I mean

    I plan to build a community for french speakers (france, belgium, luxembourg).

    I would like to set different subdomains (,,

    The main website ( would show content from all countries; but if you go on one of the subdomain, it would filter the entire content (members, groups, messages…) to the selected country only.

    It would be really better than have one buddypress for each country…

    The country would be defined by a custom field of the profile.

    Possible ?

    Thanks !

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  • 21cdb


    I’m looking exactly for the same kind of functionality. It would be awesome if some developer would go on for this feature!

    I’m pretty sure Burt could do such thing. His BuddyPress Contents 1.0 Plugin goes in the same direction of content organization.

    It would be great if he could say something about the possibilites to implement such feature in bp.



    anyone ?



    We need a “global language filter” for all content, depending on what the user set as his preferred language in the wp-admin. has such an language filter. You can choose “preferred language” and will be redirected to f.i. to (only content of people who set up their language and blog-language to german) or (only spanish).

    Anyone also interested?

    @Grosbouff: Maybe we should add this feature request as an official ticket?



    Yes, it would also be interesting to get in touch with Burt.

    Can you do this ?

    PS : it must not be only about languages. As I said, I need this functionnality to filters different countries with the same language…

    We should think at something that could be used for almost everything, e.g. filtering on a profile option (this could be a country, language,..job,..).



    I would like this very much as well!

    I don’t think this is easy and it would require serious work and hacking. I can’t even think of a way of doing this off the top of my head.

    Maybe instead you could use a Group for each subdomain that you were going to use, and use the “group blog” plugin (search forums).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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