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Filter main activity makes profile avtivity filtered aswel – bug or feature?

  • jonnyscholes


    Iv tested this on the website so its not just my website. But if you go to the activity page, filter the activity by say ‘New Members’ then go to a user page in another tab it only shows activity that matches the filter on the original activity page – but the drop down always says ‘everything’ even though its not. Even if you then close the activity page and refresh the user page it comes up filtered. If you dont open it in a new tab but browse straight to a user profile from the filtered activity feed the user feed shows up with the same filter – only this time the correct filter is displayed in the drop down.

    Im not sure if the later is meant to happen – and im not sure if theres much that can be done about the former, but i noticed it none the less. Its a bit annoying, but far from a deal breaker.

    Once again, Buddypress freaking rocks – thanks a million.


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