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Filtering Content from the Activity Stream

  • blinovitch


    I have a somewhat different question about filtering content from the activity stream. Rather than a whole category, I’d like to know if anyone has ever figured out how to remove part of a topic post excerpt.

    See, I recently enabled the topic quote portion of the Forums Extras plugin on my site. After doing so, I realized that quoted text could easily fill up the activity stream excerpt of a post, to the point that the new content doesn’t appear at all, depending on how much text was quoted. Getting the activity stream to ignore anything in a post within blockquote tags, showing only the new content, would be ideal.

    My first thought was to add the property display:hide to blockquotes appearing in the activity stream, but I realized that only hid the text from view. It still takes up space within the excerpt, meaning there could be stream entries with no post text at all.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on how to make the activity stream leave out any content in a topic post wrapped in blockquote tags?

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  • could filter on groups_activity_new_forum_post_content but use the `$post_text` param as `$activity_content = bp_create_excerpt( $post_text );`

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