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Fix needed for invalid activation key

  • TBirdie88



    It appears that myself and many many others have succumb to the issue where new registrants get the activation email, but it directs them to the red “invalid activation key” error.

    The key does not show up in the database (phpmyadmin).

    There needs to be a fix for this as there appears to be no solution at the moment. It appears to be a very common issue.

    I personally need help as soon as possible please. I’ve scoured the forums and the web for answers, and currently have many frustrated people trying to join my site. (I was getting too many bots creating users so a “professional” told me to change the register page URL. It seems to have broken the link from the register page to the database. I changed the URL back, but it didn’t help. I’m now told in the buddypress support forum here that there’s no way to recover from this…???)

    Any help, advice, updates (I’m running the latest version Version 2.9.4 on WordPress 4.9.5) would be amazing and beyond appreciated, please. I can’t redo my site as I have about 100 users and about 300 pages.

    Thanks so much,

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  • ChuxMark


    This message appeared during my install/activate. Tried again, but now ALL sites on server are broken. Several people on Google are reporting broken sites due to BP.



    Thanks for writing, @chuxmark. I wish I could help you but I still don’t have a solution myself. I’d appreciate if someone from @buddypress was available to help, especially since this problem appears to be widespread.


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