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Fixing The Profile CSS

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  • aces



    Try using the developer tools in Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, or use Firebug with Firefox, or Opera’s Dragonfly



    Thanks for the reply. I have taken your advice and tried it out for the first time. I normally edit css files directly through FileZilla. Your solution presents the same problem for me however. I am still not sure which exact file(s) I need to edit or exactly what part of the file(s) I need to edit to get the changes I listed above.

    I was hoping someone could direct me to a tutorial or maybe even quickly explain how to do it here. It would be so highly appreciated!



    Keep in mind that if your importing css from a parent theme you may have to add the !important declaration.



    I think I am having a very similar issue. I also am not new to code or web development, but would not call myself and expert by any means. I have BP 1.7-beta-1 plugin installed to my WP site. For my site I am using Geotheme that I have customized the CSS and added many additional features too.

    The issue: When I activate BP the BP pages do not have any styling. I have created custom templates and put them in my Geotheme/ folder and assigned them to the pages that I use for BP. Even with this BP pages do not seem to pick up and CSS changes I make.

    My biggest concern is editing the #content class to center it on the page and have a solid white background. I cannot just edit this in my theme’s style.css because it affects other them pages that use the content class.

    Any advice? I think I am overlooking a simple fix here but I have sort of hit a wall.




    For those wishing to make enhancements to your theme and/or forum Group section I recommend you try out some of the CSS editors. I just bought it so I’m biased, but Stylizer 5 is heads and shoulders above the pack and lets you see IN REAL TIME changes you make and you literally can change almost anything. One problem, especially with more advanced themes is their CSS can span multiple CSS style sheets and the main one like the one I’m using is over 1,100 lines. Trying to manually wade through that forest of code, even if you know CSS and what you’re looking for is sure to make you reach for Tums or some similar product! 🙂

    Your pages are presented in one pane while extensive controls to make adjustments are presented in the other. If you love playing what-if like I do, you’ll love this tool. A bit pricy at $80, but well worth it in all the saved time and avoiding frustration.

    You can simply make color changes, change size, placement of elements, that sort of simple thing or add elements and instantly see the results. Its a tweaker’s dream.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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