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Forum Colors

  • I don’t understand how no one complains that the light blue color of the links and forum threads, against a white page is incredibly difficulty to see or look at for a long period of time and makes being on the forum very uncomfortable. Why light blue on white?

    Seriously, just about any design person in the world would tell you that this is not an ideal color combination for the majority of readers.
    How is everyone else looking at this and thinking that is is just fine?

    It’s horrible. It makes this board look like it’s run by 13 year old amateurs.
    (Hey, you wanted feedback, just speaking my mind)

    And then the messaging is a pale light green that is almost as white as the page and the text is almost the same color?
    Are you guys trying to hide the content from people?
    It’s like you are going out of your way to white wash the board so that no one can see anything.

    Pastels against white? People don’t do that for a reason and this is it.

    Seriously, I watched person after person say how beautiful the new colors were and the whole time I’m sitting there thinking “but they have purposely ignored all of the common sense rules of color combinations.”
    The colors are horrible guys. It literally hurts my eyes to come here.

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  • r-a-y


    It depends on your monitor. It looks fine on my calibrated LCD monitor.

    Have you tried calibrating your monitor?

    I’ve looked at it on 3 different monitors and on different settings and light blue still doesn’t show up well against white, no matter how you slice it.
    It never has.
    Yes, it is slightly better on one monitor, but no so much so that I would risk that everyone will be able to see it that way.
    They are great colors for a wedding, not so great for reading..

    …and calling everyone who reads this forum a bunch of 13 year old amateurs is as rude as it is inaccurate. Consider this a warning or I’ll close the thread. I’ve no problem with you expressing your views, its how you do so which I disagree with.

    I’m not trying to be rude or insulting to anyone. Maybe I stated my opinion a little too strongly.
    The bottom line is, I’m not old, and I don’t have an eye site problem or have cheap monitors and this forum is very uncomfortable to read and I don’t think the choice of colors is very professional or understand why the text is so light.

    It’s risky , yet forward thinking, I get that and I like the attitude behind it, but it is not applicable to everyone. And it’s very frustrating
    I think if you are going to stay with the color scheme that you should make the text larger.

    I didn’t graduate from any design school but even I know that combination of light colored text combined with it’s small size can give the appearance of letters jumbling together.
    I just don’t think that you considered everyone, of all ages, all types of eyes (perfect vision, glasses, contacts, etc), all types of monitors , across all browsers.
    When I look at other forums that I participate in, especially ones that are technical in nature, the lettering is clear,, the colors are solid and everything is easy to read without exception.

    This seems to be a design experiment and I just don’t think it’s the proper platform for it. This is an authority site and it should present itself like one.

    My statement was meant to be a comparison to a gaming forum…I should have just said that.
    I’ll lay off of the witticisms until you get to know me better.



    I was just thinking today how the light blue is hard to see the past couple of days.. but it may have been fine on my old monitor – I just got a 24″ acer lcd – it’s very bright. and it is certainly not easy on the eyes looking for the small light blue in the midst of such a large white space… I haven;t tried calibrating it – but with 24″ of white pixels combining – it’s just plain bright to look at… I wonder if anyone has developed a css color changer for registered users to select a favorite color scheme for viewing buddypress sites? It would be nice to have a button under our profile name to go custom colors – of course I would like those to be limited to a few presets that are approved by admins perhaps..



    This plugin was made for group admins, but take a look anyway. It might give you an idea for a plugin:



    If you don’t like the forum link color and if you’re using Firefox, get the Stylish extension for Firefox and apply a different color for the links.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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