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Forum Cover Photo Blank

  • jpp22



    New to the forum, been searching everywhere and I do not see this question asked anywhere.

    I am on:
    – WP 5.8.2
    – BuddyBoss Theme 1.8.1

    When groups/Forums are created By Members, the cover Photo for the Forum is missing…

    If you visit my site you will notice that all forums do have a cover photo but that’s because I went as an admin on the forum post and added the Featured Image manually. I really cannot go & add a Featured image each & every time a user starts a forum…

    Is there a way around this so the user cam apply a cover photo to, not only the group but, the forum as well? I really cannot figure this out, I have tried everything!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • wackao


    BuddyBoss is not BuddyPress. Kindly contact BuddyBoss support or simply switch to BuddyPress and use a BuddyPress theme like WPLMS or Kleo.

    I think you are confused, forum by default do not have cover images. You have Group forums which have cover images coming form the group. The cover image should be enabled in groups from WP admin – Settings- BuddyPress – options

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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