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Forum integration 101 needed!

  • reprocessor


    Hi All,

    Right, from the outset, this is not the usual ‘I can’t get the bbpress forums to work’ type query. Mine are working so everything in that respect is fab WOOOOOOO! (Love it btw – keep up the good work!)

    Here’s my problem:

    I want to do EXACTLY what has done with their forums i.e. have them sitting within the site template. At the moment I’ve coddled together a crappy template (modified from the base bbpress theme) to look like my main site template – have a look here and you’ll see what’s going on. Basically I need the main navigation, the admin bar etc. all to be there so if anyone can tell me how to make my custom bp theme fit the forum I’d be more than grateful coz i’m tearing my hair out here (and I don’t have much to begin with!)



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  • Erwin Gerrits


    There hasn’t been much progress made with this, I’m afraid. I ended up making a “fake” buddybar, loading the buddypress style sheets and (omitting the “My Account” menu) just having “<- Back to <buddypress>” links, and “fake” tabs (again, linking to the buddypress stylesheets) with hard coded tabs linking straight back to the buddypress pages (“Home”, “Groups”, “Members”, “Forums” etc..) Works… but every time you install a custom component, you’d have to add the tab manually.

    John James Jacoby


    The only way to do this, is with “deep integration.”

    You will want to scour the forums for some more information about how to do this.

    I’m going to assist Trent in including deep integration as part of his revised integration write-up that’s coming next. uses deep integration, but it’s still tricky and still has pro’s and con’s, particularly on a shared host and also with xmlrpc requests.

    By the time that bbpress turns 1.0, most of the integration issues should be resolved, but you’re still loading ALL of WordPress + bbPress to make things go.



    i’m doing that via xmlrpc, i’ll update you asap on that :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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