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[Resolved] Forum Redirects to Home

  • Lee


    Using WP 3.5 Multisite, BuddyPress 1.6.3, Genesis theme framework.

    I enabled sitewide forums today. The forum page redirects to the site’s homepage. For example, –>

    I deleted and recreated the forum page and also used a different slug. It still happens.

    Thinking this was a sitewide forum’s bug, I enabled group forums and created a test forum within a group. Attempts to visit the group forum take me back to the site’s homepage. I can view groups but a page with /forum at the end of the URL. So far, the only pattern I’ve discerned is that when the slug ‘forum’ (or whatever slug is chosen) is used at the end of a URL the page redirect to the homepage.

    There are no redirects configured for the site. I have seen others complain of a similar issue in previous forum threads but I’ve not seen any solutions.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • @mercime


    Genesis theme framework. … I enabled sitewide forums today.

    In other words, you had BuddyPress activated first and you went through the installation process where the default page name and slug of the Group Forums (unless you disabled it during the process) is Forums. The slug/name for your new bbPress sitewide forums page must be different from the slug/name of your Group Forums (Forums). So go to Settings > Forums and change the slug if you haven’t done it yet to e.g. discussions. Then create a new Page discussions and add the bbPress shortcode for forum index e.g.

    Don’t know how Genesis Connect works with BP and bbPress since I don’t use the framework. If the above instruction fails, change to BP Default theme to check if issue is resolved.

    @mercime This helped me and got my test buddypress1.7 site correct…I changed the bbpress slug to discussions and using the i see the forum. I am using group forums and all topics are displaying in that page properly…now do i need to redirect that page to my actual forum page or is there any short code for it?



    Thank you @mercime. That fixed it.



    @diondeville You’re welcome 🙂

    @tarkham can’t quite get what you mean.
    >> bbPress slug = sitewide forums = discussions right? So
    >> So if you kept the slug of group forums = forums, then
    Why would you redirect the URL of either to another?

    @mercime Thanks for that help…i figured out that i need to use a short code to get my forum page to display properly in front end…group forums are working properly and changing the slug to discussions ccorrected all the errors.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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