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Forums, bbpress, and buddypress ????

  • yocalif


    What is the status with bbpress and buddypress for buddypress forums?
    Is the bp forums the same as the latest release of bbpress?
    Who is developing the bp forums bp or bbpress?
    Will bbpress plugins and mod/hacks work on bp forums?

    I am seriously frustrated with the forum aspect of BP, all functionality has to be added via plugins. If you use a 3rd party theme the plugins may not appear or work right with anything but the default supplied themes because that is all BP or bbpress and the plugin writer tested on. That may sound great until BP or bbpress has either a major upgrade or even intermediate fixes, because the plugin writers usually are busy with other stuff and could take months before modifying their plugin to work with the latest BP or bbpress fix/upgrade. Thus if you have 20 plugins your could be left behind when new security fixes are made available.

    I understand that a lot of the work is open source and moves at it own pace, and since I can’t code a lick, the only part of the process I can be involved in is testing. I am thankful to the many that have worked their butts off to get this far. However the forums seriously lack functionality compared to phpbb3 or SMF or most decent forum platforms.

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