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Forums in a public/private site

  • mauryg


    I have the legacy forums set up on my site, I want to move up to bbPress. I especially want the “Follow this topic” notifications and reply ‘threading’.

    • Running WP v3.7.1, BP v1.9, Suffusion child theme with Suffusion BuddyPress Pack
    • ‘Public’ portion visible to users who are not members
    • ‘Private’ portion for members only.
    • “All Residents” GROUP with auto join for all MEMBERS with forums.
    • Several other smaller sub-groups with forums.
    • Forums are not public.

    Tried the upgrade to bbPress 2.2 (with Suffusion bbPress Pack) on my WAMP localserver version of site and had all kinds of problems migrating content, etc. Many of the data ‘repair’ functions failed. I could not get the ‘threaded replies to work. Eventually got the forums to mostly work, but still have questions.

    1. Would I be better with a ‘site-wide’ forum rather than the private All Residents group?
    2. Can I make a site-wide forum private?
    3. How do I modify the formatting of the forum postings?
    4. Where do I look to troubleshoot the ‘threading’ function?

    Happy Holidays to all.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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