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  • Marcella


    I’m wondering what the current status of BBPress forums are.

    I have latest BuddyPress, BBPress and WordPress setup here.

    BBPress main forums accessible via
    Group forums accessible via both group pages and BBPress main forums as I have this setting on.

    However on member profiles using bp_get_displayed_user_nav() to display the profile menu will present a link to the

    On this page it seems redundant as it doesn’t reflect the topics this account has created.

    So yeah, I’m wondering what the status is with this?


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  • danbp


    it doesn’t reflect the topics this account has created.

    It should normally !
    When on a profile, the forum item leads to this user forum activity. Any type of forum: groups and global forum.

    Verify your settings. What you should get with defaut settings:

    Forum link on profile:

    On a group forum

    On the global forum
    your-site/forums/forum/forum_name/ (forum_name is a page title you must create, on this page you add bbpress shortcodes to show up the global forum only).

    Group forum is the first forum you create (in admin) if you want group forums, and as forum attribute you assign “category” (see right column on create forum page).
    Then you have to set this group forum as parent page for all group forums in forum settings.

    Better detailed here:

    Installing Group and Sitewide Forums



    @danbp Thanks for reply.

    Inside of members/single/index.php

    There’s some logic to serve the correct template.

    I notice at the line

    elseif(bp_is_user_forums()) :

    This never actually runs… It’s not until the “// if nothing else sticks” fail safe the logic matches and the plugins template is loaded.

    So two problems… How can I serve my own template, and inside that template how do I query a members topics?

    Basically I’m working with the legacy templates which ship with the plugin to get started with this theme.

    Also, sidenote… BuddyPress seems to inject weird paragraph tags throughout the inner templates if you don’t have the correct template names in your-theme/buddypress

    Only seems to happen when a buddypress folder exists inside the theme.



    members/single/index.php doesn’t exist. It’s members/index.php

    elseif(bp_is_user_forums()) is in members/single/home.php

    bp_is_user_forums function is in bp-core/bp-core-templates.php:1791

    Confused ? Or really lost ?
    Anyway, your question is How can I serve my own template, and inside that template how do I query a members topics?. Right ?

    Guess you have to do some homework. See:

    Template Overload from a Plugin


    Other example, see here (you just have to change the post type probably: post vs. topic)




    members/single/index.php does exist, I created it. It also takes as a valid template. If you use home.php erroneous p tags are placed throughout the page.
    bp_is_user_forums() doesn’t seem to work.

    I think the template names were all changed,

    /members/member/forums/ doesn’t list anything, returns nothing.
    /members/member/forums/replies – lists the topics, although they aren’t replies they are topics started.

    Thanks for reply.




    bp_is_user_forums(), check if forums component is active.

    Which type of forum do you use ? Standalone or group, or both ?

    In bbPress you have a folder called extend containing the BP specific templates. Should you use them depends the forum type.

    If bbPress is standalone, the plugin is totally independant of BuddyPress in regards of templates at least.



    Hi I have the same problem.
    I think it has to do with the main theme.
    I use smartmag theme with a child theme, when a change back to Twenty Twelve theme everything works fine.



    @danbp yeah I have it setup for both groups and stand-alone.

    The bp_is_user_forums, no matter what I try returns false and never matches. The plugin template is then used to render the templates BBPress uses.

    I’ll try a fresh install at some point, there’s always something new to deal with.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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