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Frisco for Buddypress ajax not working

  • freddy mcbob


    hi, im using the theme frisco for buddypress and literally NO ajax works. when you click the comment button the page just refreshes or when you click the reply button it does nothing, and when you’re trying to filter the activity feed it wont do anything! Please help i need advice asap

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  • AllenPayne


    It might be an issue with the theme. you should ask the developer, it might help you more.



    Hi I am having exactly the same problem. Mine using the Divi theme.
    I can post comments and replies. But once the page is refreshed or revisited clicking on the comment or reply button takes me back to post status form. Commenting on existing threads is impossible. Works fine on the 2014 theme however.If any wiz can help u sout please..
    I am aware that it is theme related nevertheless I am certain that someone here can figure this out in a sec or point me in the right direction .
    Thanks in advance




    remember that you are on a buddypress support, not a divi or any other theme support.
    If your install is working correctly with 2014 and not with divi, it is not a buddypress issue, but a theme issue.

    Likewise, you use a premium theme and it’s just impossible for us to help you on this point, as we have no access to such theme. And you probably can understand that we cannot buy them, just in case of to help some users. Premium themes generally include support in the licence.

    So please take contact with the author.

    You can also search the forum. I am certain that you can figure this out in a sec. Too.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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