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Front page for logged in users

  • Henry


    What is the default front page for logged in users? i.e which page do users land on by default straight after logging in?

    My aim is to have them land at the site root – – but a redirect seems to be in place which takes them elsewhere. I have my front page set to Register.

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  • Think really you will tend to just confuse things if trying to tell WP that your index page should show a page that ordinarily isn’t viewable if logged in, for me BP seems to default to selecting ‘members’ when logged in. Personally speaking I prefer the notion of staying with index.php or home.php as the main page customizing as required rather than ever defaulting reading to a BP page, if necessary doing a conditional logged in check to call in register form as template part?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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