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Generate “Full Name” on submission of registration form

  • In my community, I would like to have users enter their real names, but have first and last names in separate fields. The “BuddyPress Real Names” plugin works for this in general, but unfortunately requires the users to enter three names (full name, first name, last name) on the registration form.

    I modified the register.php to omit the “full name” field, but this breaks the submission since full name is a required core field. Would it be possible to generate the content of the full name field from the first and last name fields in my registration form automatically on submission before the data is submitted to the database?

    Does anyone have a hint for me, how and where I should do this?

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  • jjkob


    Did you ever get this working Chris? I see that the BuddyPress Real Names plugin has not been updated for some time — has a new/better plugin emerged to replace this one?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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