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Buddypress with Photo Album Capabilities

  • Famous


    @modemlooper – got a question.
    And its the giant pink elephant in the room.
    Buddypress with Photo Album Capabilities?
    Everyone wants to understand this. From my understanding, it doesn’t seem wise to recreate the wheel. Meaning why does this need to be a major coded plugin. MU has a great media backend, why can’t we just use the blog posts to post pictures? Isn’t there a way to limit who can see what posts – for instance, friends can see this post, colleagues can see this one and family can see that post. You have been very helpful and I am interested to hear your version of what might be a best solution?

    Thank you for your time.

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  • @famous why are you asking ML this question directly? It’s the sort of question that only a core developer can answer really.

    Also this question has been done to death,  you were part of that last long thread about the two plugins.

    BP is unlikely ever to delve into this area it’s too detailed bp is not going to provide a solution to media capabilities, it’s firmly in the hands of third party plugins, if you have a notion of how this may be done as you sketch out above try filling in the detail a bit about how that may work then maybe people may have further inspiration, however if this revolves around having to have MS setup then it’s unlikely a great approach but who knows?

    Paul Gibbs


    Also, the original topic sucked. I’ve changed it. It looked like spam, please don’t give us more work.



    If I could go back in time and I was Andy Peatling BuddyPress would have less features. I would extend only the user capabilities of WordPress. Create better relational hooks. Allow developers to create anything and let the users of a site interact with this content. You can do this now and BuddyPress gives you status posting and relates activity and users using groups OOTB.

    You can extend the activity through meta and the groups have an api to extend it as well. There are a few media plugins but in my opinion they should be using WordPress media capabilities by creating an API to extend the media capabilities to the front end and then let developers create on top of it. This will create more unique opportunities for site creators instead of being stuck with only one core solution.



    Hugo, I asked him directly cause he has been one of the only really helpful people in the forum – to me at least.

    The last thread about the two plugins was probably one of the best discussions I’ve heard on buddypress. It was two people debating on the future of BP Media, which is essentially the future of BP. The sad part is that the conversation was (censored) stopped.

    Media does not have to be MS only as long as WordPress can contain BP avatars I am sure there is a solution for both. If relationships can be assigned by specifying friend, colleague or family – then assign values to who can see what then it should be doable.

    djpaul, I originally titled the post what you retitled it as, however realized “Pink elephant” is exactly what this should be titled. And I would actually have preferred that you left the title as such, instead of censoring my post.

    com·mu·ni·ty [kuh-myoo-ni-tee]
    a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.
    a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage: the community of Western Europe.
    <<<- ooh look a picture, I think buddypress just got a little colorful. JK

    Ecclesiastical . a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule.
    <<<- pictures add a little life! Thats all I am saying – there needs to be a solution addressed by BP. Because you cannot have a community without colorful interaction.

    How many communities have you been to where you have no idea what the other people are like. Hence the need for photos, videos and human interaction. I am just trying to get some focus on what will make these community sites more effective.

    @modemlooper, you wouldn't happen to have any plans on creating something similar to what you mentioned above – would you? Because I really cannot see using the heavily coded plugins that are out there.



    Anything is possible 😉



    Currently no photo  plugin with phot0 tagging works with Buddypress 1.7




    So what if this question has been done to death.. its obvious that theres a lack of clarity if the questions been asked over and over again, because one can only assume that a satisfactory answer has not been achieved. I suppose this question and a ton of similar questions can be solved or addressed by having a “wiki” or easily searchable FAQ or Best Practice Blog or.. whatever.. — Ive been using BP for several years (on many of my sites) now as non-technical administrator and Im constantly frustrated.. but anyhoo.. just my 2cents..

    its obvious that theres a lack of clarity if the questions been asked over and over again, because one can only assume that a satisfactory answer has not been achieved


    Why is it obvious there’s a lack of clarity? The question of media keeps getting dragged up because people want that elusive magical full on solution available right now for free – or so it seems?

    There are  three available media offerings, and media capability to any great degree is in the hands of plugins it’s not a core issue. There are far more fundamental things the small core dev team need to focus on and it’s not things like this.


    Take questions about media directly to the plugin authors, hassle bp-media ask why it’s still not near beta.

    And as for wiki , FAQ etc contribute, give back write the darned best practise ?blog 🙂 you say you’ve been using BP for years? well BP is community driven – get driving please.



    It would be unprofessional to say one media plugin over another is better on If it’s not in core then it’s up to you to obtain the additional components to your site. It’s been great that there have been free offerings for a media plugin but I would sleep better buying a paid plugin that I knew was not going to break.

    As for no media plugin working with 1.7, 1.7 hasn’t been released. Beta periods are when plugins get updated.



    First.. let me say.. I highly appreciate everyones efforts..

    — A paid plugin doesnt guarantee non-breakage…

    putting aside the conversation of “hey its free stop complaining” — there should be more efforts like “CBOX” and/or a better ranking system that addresses:

    1) Does this plugin work well
    2) What are the best plugins that work to do xyz..
    3) A better response to forum questions/inquiry..

    again.. I highly respect everyone here.. @modemlooper is a kick ass developer and wish i can afford his services…

    — But I do think theres gotta be a recognition that… BP & the BP Plugin forums support can use improvement..


    there should be more efforts like “CBOX”


    You really need to explain a remark like that. What are you wanting provided for you? CBOX is a theme development project based on the Infinity framework. It has entailed a huge number of hours, is backed by a number of developers, and also as far as I’m aware funded, so the fact it’s then returned as openly available for anyone to use is a bonus, but  do not expect that to be the norm it’s an exception.

    Your bullet points are understandable but not necessarily possible to do. Define work well? who writes those review and tests the plugins?

    Better forum responses? how do we achieve this then? Bear in mind a forum such as this  and many others are a volunteer effort, those of us that do answer questions do so at the expense of our free time even though for most developers there is  in reality no such animal as free time, again helping out on the forum is one way to help improve it as is contributing to the Codex as I mentioned before.

    – So yes no one would question things can always be improved and it’s fine to suggest so  but the real answer is get involved  help make that improvement – it’s a community driven effort.

    And on that note the thread does start to repeat itself so lets draw a line under things!



    Closing this thread as it’s run it’s course.


    Looking forward to seeing contributions to the community @famous

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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