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give each blog a forum?

  • Anointed


    How do I go about giving each blog on my wordpressmu setup a bbpress forum like it does for groups?

    Additionally, what part of the code creates the new bbpress forum when a new group is created?

    (I would like to extend it so that I can use other forum software such as vbulletin)

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  • fishbowl81


    to answer the 2nd part of your question:

    Buddypress uses bbpress-live, which is an api interface for bbpress. If there is a api interface for vbulletin, it would be pretty straight forward to make an api interface for it.

    It looks like there is an api, here is the code documentation:

    But, after a quick review, I don’t see anyway to read the forum posts?

    Aron Jay


    That would totally create a bunch of tables.

    Why going to that solution if there are group and site wide forum that anyone could use.

    You know its not a good idea, specially if you would like to grow and have more members/blogs.

    Just my 2cs’



    Yes you can do that making a new plugin based on bbpress-live (the same andy has used for groups).

    For the second question is always bbpress-live that help wordpress & bbpress to share data via xmlrpc

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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