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global buddypress tags?

  • 3sixty


    Is there any effort afoot to establish a global tagging standard for buddypress tags? Right now, the “WP” and “bbpress” tags seem to be kept in separate buckets. So if you have blogs and forums, there is no cross-pollenation of tags, right?

    If there was a standard, it could be rolled into some of the other great components that are emerging, like bp-links, bp-classifieds, and (fingers crossed) bp-events.

    If we had global buddypress tags, when you click on a tab, you’d be able to pull up an activity stream specific to that tag.

    Does anyone else see the logic and power in this idea??

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  • r-a-y


    It all sounds good as an idea, but as always, actual implementation is a little harder ;)

    Peter Anselmo


    Yeah, the idea has been kicked around a bit, it’s definitely a good idea, no doubt about it. I know this is on Andy’s radar (it’s been mentioned over IRC), but like ray said, implementation is a beast. I’m currently exploring different options for implementing tags & categories for Group Documents. The current plan is to utilize the WP Taxonomy “bucket”, and see how that goes.



    Thanks, Peter. I saw too late that this thread had been started just a few weeks ago (such is the nature of forums):

    Did you take a look at Burt’s code? Jeff Sayre says he created a version of this for BP 1.0 but needs to be updated.

    still giving


    Global anything would be very good. We cannot have a global search, it seems, and so global tagging would at least be a second best.

    Wonderful idea.



    For sure, “search anything…” is a misnomer and needs to be changed until BP really can search anything. As far as I can tell, some of the ‘sliver searches’ are so limited that they only check superficial elements ( for example, forum search only searches forum post *titles* and not the actual content? What am I doing wrong?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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