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Globalizing everything? I think?

  • applesfaceman


    Hi everyone, man this buddypress is crazy awsome I cant believe it!
    I am jumping right in. so heres what I have going and what I would like to accomplish.. I hope its not to hard :)
    I have wp3.1 installs in with network activated, and i have the buddypress plugin installed and working.

    I am using wordpress network to manage my own network of websites, so ill soon have something like
    What im hoping for is when I post to site1, that it shows up on and showing that it has come from, site1
    same with site2, if i post to site2, i wish for that post to show up on
    as having been posted on site2, and ideally, if a person clicks that post title, and is brought to the post, the link would be
    which they clicked on from the main site,

    :-D any direction is greatly appreciated!

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  • @mercime


    When you network activate BuddyPress, one of the widgets which comes up for use is the “Recent Sitewide Posts” widget which you can add to a dynamic sidbar of a BP-compatible theme. The list of recent sitewide posts rendered in sidebar has direct links to the subblogs where users have published their posts.



    This is only a widget? I was hoping to have the posts show up in the main area where they normally do. Im not sure appearing in the sidebar is what i would want cause the main content area where posts normally list themselves at, would be empty. id hope for recent posts from all sites to appear on the main site.



    You can also use a filtered activity loop for blog posts:

    Check out the “action” parameter.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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