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Goggle Maps,Activity Stream-Shortcodes,BP Activity Plus

  • valuser


    Are there any plugins that make possible the insertion of google maps in the activity stream ??

    Have looked around :-

    There is a static group google map plugin by Brajesh at
    However, at the moment, it is just for insertion in tab on groups and no front-end controls are available. But it does work. Thanks Brajesh.
    Many other goggle map plugins allow uses of shortcodes.
    Fine for posts and could be used front-end with slight instructions for users.
    However using short codes in activity stream results in [Read More] insert


    A Google Map Module would seem be an ideal addition to Buddypress Activity Plus ?

    Anyone know of some other current solution ?

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  • @mercime


    @valusser the only one I know is premium plugin by @Travel-Junkie



    @mercime many thanks for info

    will take a look.

    There was a plugin called Google Maps Made Simple or wpgmappity from
    that allowed front-end posting (and configuration) of google maps.

    It still works. There is an example of what it can do in the p2 theme (front-end posting) at

    I’ll leave a test user account open for a week ( user: tester password: tester1 ) in case any potential developer might have a look, see it working, maybe insert a map and, perhaps explore if it can be ported to buddypress.

    All i know is – it works on p2 front end and is reasonably intuitive to use.

    though the login asks for email it accepts tester !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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