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good recommendations for BuddyPress theme

  • Marisa


    A month ago I created my first WordPress site with one third-party plugin and the forum plug-in bbPress.

    Getting a theme to work well with both plugins took quite a bit of time as I had to write a small bit of custom css and PHP. My knowledge of css and PHP is low. Actually it took a few weeks to get everything to look nice and work well together, although the work was done on a very part-time basis.

    I now want to install BuddyPress and bbPress together on another WordPress site as community software for a certain niche.

    Is there a reasonably low-priced (or free) theme I can purchase for BuddyPress (and that works with bbPress installed on the same site) that looks nice?

    Please give me some recommendations. I don’t want to spend three weeks making css tweaks to get a decent look community website.

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