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Google’s attitude about Social networks & Forums

  • frostfairs


    i have some misconceptions to be get rid of..plx.

    do social networks could not get the organic traffic as compared to forums?
    is this true google gave more respect to the forums than social networks (google shows more results of forums in search)?
    in buddypress there are forums too, how google sees those forums?
    with the view of webmaster, technical pros and cons of, social networking vs forums?
    and the last one,
    is this better to create just a forum or a forum with social network i.e buddypress or more better all of them to create a dynamic site having a forum with subdomain?

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  • that’s all superstition created by people trying to sell junk seo advice. there are a few things you can do to help google such as site maps etc. but even without them google is really good at crawling sites. create a well designed site with good content and seo will take care of itself.

    we use google search to power all our searches on our site including forums, members etc. using Refinement Tabs (one day i’ll create a tut). it indexes very well.

    Worry about your site, and your content, not Google. Let Google worry about Google.



    make google chase your content and not the other way around: Translation: build your content for users and not for search engines. there are gazillion of web sites and communities out there that spreads rumors and myths about search rankings or SEO… some even go to the extreme that they brand seo as a science where in the reality is that SEO is just an abstraction. more often than not those ‘seo people’are not even children/enthusiast of the web but rather people/marketers who are just interested on other people’s money to earn a profit and im sick of them.



    Yes, SEO is a proved science, you like it or not. Try to build back links, they are the back bone of SEO

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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