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Grid and List options Members and Groups

  • Michael Bryner


    This should be a plugin implementation not the themes authors job. Ultimate Members and Peepso has this but charge for the features that are already in buddypress and kind of confuses me that this has been left out since 2008, the release of buddypress and that those two other mentioned plugins already did it before buddypress.

    I just don’t get why this is not thought of until us users actually start asking for that and get told to go to our author of the themes were using to get it done when it is the plugin that needs the style, not the theme. I put that other thread in the ideas section because I did not notice the request section until now.

    I have Newsmag theme and already asked if they would make the styling better on the theme and they said they are not even thinking of doing it at all. So basically it will never happen if you guys keep turning it down too and telling us to go to the 3rd party theme authors to get something done about it.

    I will wait as long as possible for this implementation but if any free plugin that does not charge like Ultimate Member and Peepso that has better styling before buddypress actually does anything for it, then I will move on to that plugin. Just saying putting off this for the plugin is going to make people stop using it.

    I doubt I am the only one that thinks this. I search all over Google for grid styling on members directory and the only thing listed in the search is a very old post showing some kind of grid with avatars but not just the members directory. Some CSS code but to me, I did not like that look at all. It looks like something from the 1990’s and so does buddypress kind of now too.

    Nice to have some features for a community site but after all these years from 2008, its still lacking.

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  • Rimon Habib


    Frankly saying, This is something concern of theme, not plugin, as plugin developer won’t know theme structure and styling users are using, unless they use BuddPress default template parts. I did that thing actually in one of my other plugin, BuddyPress User Account Type, It wasn’t good as I said, Its theme dependent.

    But It is a nice feature to have actually, I am considering to develop a separate plugin soon for this feature, tho I need to see the feasibility first.

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